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Advantages of Underground Stormwater Detention

Stormwater consists of rain water or snow that falls on the ground. With a lot of man-made activity on the soil, like a lot of concrete slabs being put, it has become impervious for water to pass through. Since water cannot easily penetrate the hard surface that has been created by man, it has led to negative effects such as floods, soil erosion and even pollution. This in turn lead to a negative effect on the environment. This has led to the emergence of solutions being made to deal with this kind of situation. One such solution is the underground stormwater detention. This is an interconnection drainage system that is used to catch, store and runoff water in a controlled way as to when it is required. This is kind of a stormwater management practice that has been considered to be very vital and better as compared to retention pods as it can be easily controlled. Large underground waterpipes are built underground and they are able to capture water that falls on the ground into them through pipes connected in a manhole. It is stored underground and once in a while with engineering calculations, it is released to allow more water to be stored there. With this technology in place, it is important to consider it meaning that you will need to have some advantages that you can look forward to when considering the underground stormwater detention method.

One advantage of underground stormwater detention is that it prioritizes flow control. Before any work is done, it is always important to plan even for unfortunate circumstances. The engineers who put the underground stormwater detention also consider this when working on this system. The good thing about this is it provides the opportunity of being able to freely control the flow of the water. This is with the help of some engineering calculations. This means that the same flow of water on the upper ground will still be the same as before the construction began which is important to prevent circumstances as occurrence of a flood.

Another advantage is that it provides maximization of economic potential of the space. The construction of the underground stormwater detention is done deep underground which means that the same land can also be used for other activities as compared to other methods. Other earlier methods required for one to also check on how the water can be detained meaning they would have to consider the viability of purchasing a larger piece of land on what they really need in consideration of the stormwater management policies that need to be adhered to. With this method in consideration today, you are not worried on the management of stormwater since it already taken care of by the underground stormwater detention meaning that there will be no need of getting a larger piece of land as compared to what you really need. This will entirely mean that you have also managed to save on a lot of money as there is no unnecessary use of the cash you have.

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